Success Stories

MFG DAY is a celebration of what 12 million people around the United States experience every day—pride at working in manufacturing. We invited event hosts to express some of this daily pride by contributing stories, photos, and videos that show how much manufacturing means to them.

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  • Dec 11

    Inspiring Future Shapers with Manufacturing Day Block Parties

    The Shape Family knows that THINKERs, BELIEVERs and DOERs come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. As part of Shape’s initiatives to raise awareness around the career possibilities within manufacturing throughout the community, Shape hosted a series of “block parties,” aligning with the national...

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  • Nov 15

    Milford High School Staff Takes Part in Manufacturing Day Professional Development

    With increasing emphasis on STEAM Education and an attempt to formalize what it means to become “Career Ready”, the faculty and staff of SAU #40 in Milford is on a mission. Under the leadership of Superintendent Bob Marquis, cross curricular initiatives K-12 are being developed and delivered....

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  • Nov 14

    Atterbury Job Corps & Purdue MEP Partner in Manufacturing Training

    Atterbury Job Corps is partnering with Purdue MEP to be a part of a “all hands on deck” effort to find and train the future workforce in the manufacturing sector. Atterbury Job Corps has seen the potential for students who are training in our Job Corps programs like Welding, Electrical, Heavy...

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  • Nov 10

    MFG Day in Muskogee

    In the video linked below we provide an overview of the activities we hosted as part of our week long celebration of MFG Day 17 in Muskogee, Oklahoma. We call this section of the video, MFG Day week in review.

    The second section of the video and most important storytelling feature,...

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  • Nov 06

    MFG Day Celebration at South Texas College

    The Advanced Manufacturing Technology Department was able to join the celebration with several events. One of them was on Oct. 6th where about 80 high school students were present along with about 25 college students. The had the opportunity to hear from alumni success stories on what...

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