For Students & Parents

Did you know that manufacturers have some of the highest combined salaries and benefits of any workers in the world? It’s true. Manufacturing careers are among the most promising out there. So how do you get started?

Manufacturing is all about skills. Depending on what sort of manufacturing career you’re interested in, the skills you’ll need can be acquired with a four-year degree or an industry certification, which can often be earned in two years or less.

Here are some things you can do to get started on a career in manufacturing:

1. Attend an MFG DAY event

Visiting a manufacturer in your area is a great way to get a true first impression of manufacturing. And an MFG DAY event is a perfect opportunity to take this first step in learning what manufacturing is all about.

2. Learn about career paths within manufacturing

Today’s manufacturing involves so much more than the assembly line. There are lots of opportunities in engineering, IT, and sales and marketing, for instance. Find your career by exploring the options.

3. Get funding for school or training

With skilled workers in such demand, there is a growing list of scholarships for those who want to pursue manufacturing careers. Check out’s list of funding opportunities to start.

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