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MFG Day Marketing Toolkit

MFG Day, organized nationally by the Manufacturing Institute, is manufacturing’s biggest annual opportunity to inspire the next generation, positively shift perceptions about our industry, and build the foundation for the manufacturing workforce of the future. It empowers manufacturers to come together to address their collective challenges so they can help their communities and future generations thrive. Amid record job openings in manufacturing, our collective efforts are as important now as ever.

As manufacturers and partner organizations get set to host MFG Day events, here are some logos and social graphics to help get started on building a great experience.

Review the MFG Day Style Guide


MFG Day Logos

MFG Day has long been what you make it, whether that means shop floor tours, presentations at schools, manufacturing expos or other creative ways to showcase modern manufacturing careers to students, emerging workers, educators and parents. The official MFG Day logo embraces the many types of MFG Day events across the country and reflects the growth, opportunity and stability of careers in the industry.


Guidelines for Logo Use

  • The MFG Day logo may not be used to endorse any commercial product or service, nor may the logo be used in advertising or in any manner that could give rise to the appearance of endorsement.
  • The MFG Day logo may not be used in any matter that could give rise to the appearance that the entity owns or operates MFG Day.
  • The MFG Day logo may only be used in connection with distribution of information about the MFG Day. Any other uses are unauthorized.
  • The Manufacturing Institute logo must be displayed along with any instances of the MFG Day logo.


Sample Social Media Copy

Manufacturing’s biggest annual event helps inspire the next generation of creators. Join us in celebrating #MFGDay24! #CreatorsWanted

Over the next decade, 3.8 million new manufacturing workers will need to be hired in the US. We’re joining the movement to fill the skills gap and inspire the future workforce by hosting an #MFGDay24 event! Register today:

Since 2012, @MFGDay has helped students discover financially rewarding job opportunities. This year, we’re giving the future workforce the tools they need to kick start their career during our #MFGDay24 event! Join us:

There are millions of new modern manufacturing jobs coming online in the next decade—opportunities to create, contribute and connect. Help us build the future of the industry during #MFGDay24!

This @MFGDay, we have one message for the future workforce: #CreatorsWanted. Join us for our #MFGDay24 event to learn more about the future of the industry and the exciting career opportunities it holds!



Show that you’re an MFG Day participating company/organization

MFG Day Attend An Event Graphic (Text Only)
MFG Day Attend an Event Graphic (With Photo)
MFG Day Host An Event Graphic (With Photo 1)
MFG Day Host An Event Graphic (With Photo 2)
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MFG Day Host an Event Graphic (Text Only)
MFG Day Register Your Event Graphic (Text Only)
MFG Day Creators Wanted (Text Only)



Spread the word about MFG Day and the reality of careers in modern manufacturing.

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Join the Conversation

MFG Day is more than a single event. It is a series of grassroots events hosted around the country that each have an impact locally, but when compiled make an undeniable scaled impact nationally. Join the conversation online leading up to October. We encourage you to share your manufacturing story and use our hashtags, #MFGDay24 and #CreatorsWanted. Follow us at these handles!







To learn more about MFG Day 2024, please reach out to:

Jen White
Director, Student Engagement
Manufacturing Institute