Planning Your Event

Thanks for your interest in joining Manufacturing Day! Here is an overview of the process you should follow to create a successful MFG DAY event.

1. Decide on the type of event you’ll host.

The classic MFG DAY event is a manufacturer’s plant tour. And many educational institutions that participate throw career fairs. Here are some options to help you decide on the type of event that best works for you.

2. Register your event.

Register your event here. If you need some help, this blog post has tips for how to complete the process in five minutes or less.

And remember:

  • Your event can be on any day this year (it doesn’t have to be on October 6, 2017)
  • You can choose to keep your event private. The registration process allows you to close your event to the public if you need to.

3. Use the Event Toolkit to plan your event.

Essential reading for all MFG DAY Hosts, this toolkit is full of advice and templates for creating successful events and getting all the right people to attend.

More resources for planning MFG DAY events are available through the Host Dashboard. Start the registration process to get instant access.