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Creators Wanted – 4 Pathways to Success

Creators Wanted is on a mission to build the manufacturing workforce of today and tomorrow. Here’s how we’re doing it:

Creators Wanted Now and Tomorrow

Creators Wanted isn’t just about 2021 and 2022, but about sustained efforts through 2025 to address misperceptions about the industry and empower today’s and tomorrow’s workers. Creators Wanted bolsters  The Manufacturing Institute‘s ability to bring industry leaders, workforce and education partners and community leaders together to learn from one other, share what works and unite to scale the education, training and recruitment of talent. Creators Wanted also supports the year-round advancement of programs such as Heroes MAKE America, the STEP Women’s InitiativeMFG Day and Diversity and Inclusion.

Creators Wanted Tour

  • Highly engaging Virtual events, series episodes (“Making The Future”) and programs that have already amassed more than 6 million viewers.
  • Revolutionary Mobile Experience–Creators Wanted Tour Live–that will travel to select cities, giving students, parents, emerging and displaced workers and community leaders a chance to see firsthand what modern manufacturing is all about.
  • In-person Town Halls, Forums and other Special Events to bring leaders and creators together to build the talent pipeline, inspire next generation creators and help manufacturers address today’s worker shortage.
  • Media blitz nationwide and in local regions to drive attention to manufacturers’ urgent need for talent and the opportunities in the industry.


  • Advanced by The Manufacturing Institute’s national platform, manufacturing tours and virtual events in and around MFG Day–to help show the reality of modern manufacturing careers to students, parents, teachers and community leaders. 
  • Innovative 3-D Mapping of manufacturing facilities to showcase nationwide the sleek, safe and technology-driven opportunities in modern manufacturing.
  • Industry exclusive resources and social media activity to support MFG Day planning, organizing and amplification across the country.

Creators Wanted 24/7

  • First-of-its-kind Online Resource Hub“Creators Connect”–to match career aspirations with manufacturing career pathways.
  • Online and Interactive “Making the Future” Video Game Experience to bring the Creators Wanted Mobile Experience to students, parents, emerging and displaced workers nationwide.
  • New Students gateway at to break down in a fun way what modern manufacturing is and how to explore more about the industry that is creating the future, including with tools for MFG Day hosts, parents and teachers to help.

We’re making a difference, so will you join us?