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Stellantis: Virtual Tour Detroit Assembly Complex - Mack

Detroit, MI
10.01.21 - 12.31.21
Virtual Event
Get a bird's eye view of the plant where Stellantis is building the all-new Jeep Grand Cherokee L in the heart of the Motor City at Detroit Assembly Complex - Mack. Take the video tour of the first new automotive plant to be built in Detroit in 30 years. The four-part virtual tour highlights the making of the Jeep Grand Cherokee L: The Plant Overview Video share the story of the Company's 100-year history on the Mack site; The Body Shop Video shows where the vehicle takes shape; The Paint Shop video shows where the vehicles get their long-lasting paint finishes; The General Assembly Video shows where vehicle components such as seats, instrument panels and wheels are installed. *Note - Due to Covid-19, Stellantis is not conducting in-person plant tours.

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4000 Saint Jean, Detroit, MI, USA
Stellantis is a global company of 400,000 diverse, highly talented and experienced employees who design, develop, manufacture, distribute, and sell vehicles and mobility solutions around the world.
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Linda Becker
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