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TechSolve: Manufacturing Career Awarness for Parents + Teachers

Batavia, OH
5:00am - 8:00am UTC-1200
In-person Event
On 10/5, TechSolve and Tooling U-SME will be present at West Clermont High School's Parent Teacher night to provide a unique opportunity for parents and teachers to learn about the exciting career opportunities in the manufacturing industry. Using Virtual Reality goggles, participants can experience what it is actually like to be on a manufacturing shop floor. This immersive learning experience recreates real life trainings in a manufacturing facility in a fun, engaging demo session. These simulated shop floor experiences will help to break down heldfast stigmas of manufacturing as "dark, dirty, and dangerous" and help to form new perceptions of manufacturing as smart, safe, and sustainable to encourage a new burgeoning workforce of all generations.
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6705 Steger Drive, Cincinnati, OH, USA
TechSolve proudly serves as The OH MEP for Southwest Ohio, a part of the National NIST MEP Network. TechSolve has more than 40 years' experience providing services to a wide range of manufacturers in Southwest Ohio and across the United States, enabling these companies to maintain competitive advantages. The company...
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4101 Bach Buxton Road
Batavia, OH 45103