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South Louisiana Community College (SLCC): Spark Students' Interest in Welding

Lafayette, LA
10:00am - 10:30am UTC-0600
Virtual Event
There are countless jobs available, where are your students meant to start?! Have they ever wondered what a day in the life of a welder is like? I will give an overview of my work today, my background, and the welding industry as a whole. I will present some visuals to highlight key areas of the job and use questions to engage students and help them envision my real world work. We will also do a brief tour of a training lab!

How To Join This Event

Registration is open to anyone with a Nepris Account.  Any Louisiana teach can register to attend one session for free.  A professional can attend as many sessions as they'd like.

Organization Information
320 Devalcourt Street, Lafayette, LA, USA
Welcome to South Louisiana Community College, one of Louisiana's largest, most comprehensive community colleges, located in Lafayette, Louisiana.
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Joshua Lasseigne
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Facility Tour, Presentation