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Rayonier Advanced Materials - Manufacturing Careers in Nassau County

Yulee, FL
12:00am - 12:00am
In-person Event
Rayonier Advanced Materials, in partnership with the Nassau County, Florida Schools, will provide students with the opportunity to learn about manufacturing careers. Modern manufacturing is a misunderstood industry sector that currently has many unfilled technical and high paying positions that companies are finding difficult to fill across the country and in Nassau County, Florida. The jobs are extremely varied, exciting, and challenging. These jobs offer wonderful career pathways and many promotion possibilities. The Rayonier Advanced Materials mill in Fernandina Beach, Florida was constructed in 1937 near downtown. We are a leader of manufacturing high purity cellulose, a natural polymer commonly found in cell phones, computer screens, filters and pharmaceuticals. Rayonier Advanced Materials’ intellectual property and manufacturing processes have been developed over 80 years, resulting in unique properties and very high quality and consistency. We make everyday products possible—from cell phones and computer screens, to eyeglasses and medicine. Our performance fibers help manufacturers throughout the world make products that your family uses every day.. Our acetate-grade cellulose product serves as a global benchmark for filtration applications. We also produce the only wood-based cellulose specialties fibers pure enough to be used in the highly demanding manufacture of LCD screens. When clarity and “touch” are essential, our unique and innovative products can be relied on to deliver the results our customers need in their manufacturing processes. The plant produces 155,000 metric tons of softwood cellulose specialties per year and employs more than 300 people.
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10 Gum Street, PO Box 2002
Rayonier Advanced Materials is the leading global manufacturer of forest products, including lumber, paper, packaging and a global leader of high purity cellulose, a natural polymer commonly found in cell phones, computer screens, food and pharmaceuticals
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Marjanna Garvin
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William Burgess Boulevard
Yulee, FL 32097