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New Mexico MEP: Tour of Old Wood

Las Vegas, NM
10.07.22 - 10.06.22
In-person Event
Middle school students at Rio Gallinas School of Ecology and the Arts will tour Old Wood, a wood flooring manufacturer located in Las Vegas, New Mexico. The tour will include a discussion about the recent Hermits Peak Calf Canyon Fire and wood reclamation activities in other fire-burned areas of Northern New Mexico.
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8600 San Mateo Boulevard Northeast, Albuquerque, NM, USA
New Mexico MEP provides expertise in results-driven methodologies, best practices, and innovative technologies designed to increase the profitability of New Mexico manufacturers. As a public/private partnership, we bring together government, not-for-profit and industry resources to offer the comprehensive programs and services needed most.
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Facility Tour
425 Bibb Industrial Drive
Las Vegas, NM 87701