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Transfer Flow: Manufacturing Day Open House

Chico, CA
10:00am - 2:00am UTC-0800
In-person Event
To celebrate Manufacturing Day and its 40th anniversary, Transfer Flow, a manufacturer of fuel tank systems for the automotive and recreational vehicle industries, will open its doors to the Chico community on Friday, October 13. Planned opening events will include factory tours of the manufacturing, assembly, and engineering departments.

“We hope to change people’s perceptions about today’s manufacturing environment and draw attention to the outstanding opportunities that a career in manufacturing can provide by showcasing the rewarding, highly skilled jobs available in this industry,” said Lisa Johnson, CEO. Our open house will also allow us to highlight how manufacturing contributes to our local economy.”
Organization Information
1444 Fortress Street, Chico, CA, USA
Founded in 1983, Transfer Flow designs, engineers and manufactures aftermarket and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) fuel tank systems for the automotive, commercial and RV industries. Transfer Flow fuel tanks are for every need, including high-capacity replacement tanks, in-bed auxiliary tanks, refueling tanks, and fuel tank tool box combination systems. Transfer...
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Warren Johnson
(530) 893-5209
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1444 Fortress Street
Chico, CA 95973