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MakerFest: MakerFest

Lima, OH
10.12.23 - 10.13.23
In-person Event
MakerFest 2023 will include interactive demonstrations by companies in the region. Students will learn aspects of a particular job and the skills/training needed to earn that job.

Students will stop at the company booths that coincide with their areas of interest and participate in hands-on activities and demonstrations to get a true feel for what it is like to be a nurse, therapist, machine operator or drone pilot, etc.

Most importantly, the students will find out how they can learn the skills and get the education needed for those positions. Clear pathways will be presented to the students so they will know where they can get training, how long the training will take and what they can earn doing a certain career.
Organization Information
2750 Harding Highway, Lima, Allen County, OH, USA
MakerFest 2023 is a career-exposure event for high school freshmen and sophomores, giving them a preview of opportunities at area employers. The focus has shifted to the younger students because they have the most time to shape their learning path. The goal is to give students a glimpse at a...
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Sue Gerker
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Event Type
Manufacturing Expo
2750 Harding Highway
Lima, OH 45804