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Fourbital Factory: Garment Manufacturing in Vermont

Burlington, VT
10:00am - 11:00am UTC-0500
In-person Event
Join us at Fourbital Factory for a unique opportunity to step into the fascinating world of garment production. Hosted at a modern garment manufacturing facility, this event provides an inside look at the intricate processes involved in creating high-quality clothing.

Whether you're an aspiring fashion designer, a student exploring career options, or simply curious about how your favorite garments come to life, this event is an educational and inspiring experience you won't want to miss. Come see the intricate artistry and advanced technology that is making Burlington, VT a renowned hub for textile innovation.
Organization Information
750 Pine Street suite 2, Burlington, VT, USA
Fourbital Factory launched in the summer of 2022 in Burlington, VT’s South End Arts District, an area that was once defined by a thriving manufacturing community. Our 12,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility was previously a chocolate factory. It now buzzes with the sounds of our full production floor, offices, and...
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Aaron Cross
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Event Type
Facility Tour
750 Pine Street
Burlington, VT 05401