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Alliant Castings: MFG Day at AC

Winona, MN
9:00am - 4:00pm UTC-0600
In-person Event
Alliant Castings invites you to Manufacturing Day 2021. The event is being held Friday afternoon October 1st 2021. We expect it to take each group approximately 60 minutes. As a reminder, it’s a celebration help in conjunction with 3000 events across the country. Our goal is to introduce students to the significant role played by manufacturing industries right here in Winona. At our location, there will be a hands-on “Foundry-in-a-Box” where students will be able to pour their own castings, demo of 3D printing, and a tour of our lab. Our goal is to demonstrate the importance of metal casting to the U.S. economy and highlight the rewarding, skilled jobs available in the manufacturing industry. When students tour Alliant Castings, they gain an appreciation for the importance of castings, as they learn that they are seldom more then 10 feet away from a casting. For many, its an experience they won’t soon forget.
Organization Information
1200 West 3rd Street, Winona, MN, USA
Alliant Castings manufactures abrasion and impact resistant castings. Our custom-produced castings are built for extreme performance. Applying the latest technologies, we create proprietary materials to meet our clients’ most demanding specifications. Wit
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Taylor Reps
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Facility Tour
1200 West 3rd Street
Winona, MN 55987