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Development Authority of Lumpkin County: Lumpkin Youth Leadership: Manufacturing Day 2022

Dahlonega, GA
8:00am - 2:00pm UTC-0500
In-person Event
Lumpkin Youth Leadership was redesigned to be a comprehensive workforce and leadership development program for high school students. Through engagement in a variety of industry focused experiences, students will broaden their knowledge of the local community, career opportunities and educational pathways while they develop professional skills that are the foundation for success in the workforce and effective leadership.

The program frames entrepreneurial abilities as workforce and leadership skills.
- Creativity and Innovation
- Communication and Collaboration
- Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
- Flexibility and Adaptability
- Initiative and Self-reliance
- Risk Assessment
- Future Orientation and Opportunity Recognition

The program will highlight top and growing industries including manufacturing in Lumpkin County showcasing career opportunities and educational pathways through engagement with community leaders and in experiences aligned with community needs, the Dahlonega Lumpkin County Chamber Vision and Mission, and Lumpkin County College and Career Academy Career Institutes, Career Clusters and Pathways.
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342 Courthouse Hill, Dahlonega, GA, USA
The Development Authority of Lumpkin County acts as a connector to nurture businesses, empower the workforce, and help the community prosper.
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Facility Tour, Presentation
342 Courthouse Hill
Dahlonega, GA 30533