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Noble Plastics: Know Your Strengths & Find the Right Manufacturing Career for YOU!

Sunset, LA
10:00am - 10:30am UTC-1200
Virtual Event
Noble Plastics is a custom injection molder and developer of robotic automation systems for manufacturing. See our facilities and hear from our team about their different backgrounds and education levels to build a career in manufacturing. Can you see yourself in some of our team? We employ people with math skills, with creative skills, with logic skills, with attention to detail, that are innovative and are analytical. Don't worry -- no one has all of these attributes, but knowing your strengths can align you with a path of education and work to discover a rewarding career. Modern manufacturing is clean, safe, and efficient, and requires the latest uses of technologies. Knowledge of programming, control systems, documentation and inspection methods, planning, design, and cost accounting methods are essential to a manufacturing company. Hear from people working in manufacturing about their skills and why they matter in the workplace.

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Registration is open to anyone with a Nepris account. Any LA teacher can register to attend one session for free. A professional can attend as many sessions as they'd like.

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318 Burleigh Lane, Sunset, LA, USA
Noble Plastics is a product realization company. Our mission is to make the product realization process pleasant and profitable. We accomplish this mission through three areas of focus: design, manufacturing, and automation integration. Our manufacturing services have been provided to the energy sector, veterinary, consumer, sporting good, and automotive industries...
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Missy Rogers
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