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San Diego & Imperial Counties Community Colleges: Careers in Manufacturing & Engineering, Space Industry webinar

El Cajon, CA
9:00am - 10:00am UTC-0800
Virtual Event
The San Diego & Imperial Community Colleges and the Regional Director for Advanced Manufacturing sector cordially invited STUDENTS, PARENTS & EDUCATORS to the "2021 Careers in Manufacturing & Engineering webinar" featuring Katya Echazarreta who is an electrical engineer in the space industry✨! Since high school, Katya was always interested in engineering. Currently she works on the Europa clipper Mission. This mission will place the spacecraft in orbit around Jupiter in order to observe the icy moon Europa to determine whether it could possibly harbor conditions suitable for the development (or existence) of early life. Don't miss the opportunity to hear her story, learn about the classes and courses she took to enter the space industry and what it’s like to work and have fun in STEM!

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