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Aspen Equipment - Individualized tours!

Bloomington, MN
10.01.20 - 10.31.20
In-person Event
Because of current restrictions to large group gatherings due to COVID-19, this year we are offering individualized tours through our building. Call Danette to set up a time to come see the various areas of our shop. From truck installation, to service, to paint shop, to sales or project management...just like we customize work trucks, we can customize your tour here based on where your interests lie, while adhering to all CDC guidelines in order to offer you a safe and informative experience tailored to your interests.
Organization Information
9150 Pillsbury Avenue South
Aspen Equipment is a family owned truck equipment manufacturer and installer that builds, sells, rents, and services commercial equipment for construction trades, utilities, railroads, and governments.
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Danette Smith
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Event Type
Facility Tour
9150 Pillsbury Avenue South
Bloomington, MN 55420