Successful Inaugural MFG Day at Burke Architectural Millwork

On October 6, 2017 Burke Architectural Millwork hosted around 100 middle school students to join the nationwide effort of MFG Day in Livonia, Michgan. It was our first time hosting, and we are proud to say that our company was the first non-automotive manufacturer ever to be featured on Livonia's tour.

The day itself was a huge success. Our staff and team of volunteers helped take students around to five different stations to showcase as much as we could about architectural millwork manufacturing. The stations were as follows:

Station 1: CNC demonstration with President, Barry Burke.

Station 2: Edge banding demonstration with our in house apprentice, Anthony Mauney.

Station 3: A tour of our office/showroom.

The purpose of this was to show the students how our work translates to real life applications.
This portion of the tour included a "design hub", where students got to look, touch and compare different materials used in architectural millwork manufacturing, such as laminate, veneer, solid surface, real wood, etc. and to understand how they could be used in their homes and school/work places.

Station 4: A slideshow presentation of one of our projects from start to finish:

Station 5: Blueprint and career overview with CEO, Kelly Victor-Burke. Breaking down a blueprint into its different components: millwork, metalwork, and the overall design of a project to showcase how these industries work together. We then took each company who worked on the actual project the blueprint was for, (R&D Fabricating, Millis & Associates, and ourselves) and took a closer look at the careers available in their respective fields. We went even further to list the qualifications needed to fit those careers in the industry. We sent each student home with a pamphlet including this information for future reference.


Each student also had a questionnaire to fill out before they left the tour, (questionnaires qualified the students to enter a raffle drawing at the end - we are not above bribery!), and we gained some incredible insights in the short amount of time they were in our shop. I thought I would share the statistics that we gathered, and also some of the best quotes written by the students themselves when asked "Could you imagine yourself working here? Why or why not?" (Stats included as attachment, see quotes below:)

"Yes, because I love to build and design. The machines would be amazing to run and see the project from start to finish."
“I could definitely see myself working here because I love design and hands-on projects that challenge you.”
“I’ve always wanted to be an architect, now I’ve found a place that does it. Looks like a good working environment.”
“Yes, because it would be fun to make things, even if it is hard.”

Thank you for reading. We had an absolute blast being ambassadors for architectural millwork manufacturing, and we will continue our mission of educating young people about the creative job opportunities of our industry whenever possible.

Please take a look at our photos from the event via our Facebook page: