Stewart Manufacturing Celebrates Another MFG Day

On Oct. 6th we opened our doors to over 60 students and staff from the Delta Schoolcraft ISD to celebrate National Manufacturing Day. Students enrolled in machine tool and pre-engineering courses at the ISD, learned about day-to-day manufacturing operations and projects through a facility tour and company presentation.

“This tour does major things in the life of my students and my classroom,” said Delta Schoolcraft ISD machine tool instructor, Darrel Mullins. “Stewart Manufacturing has been and continues to be a major player in helping our program to become better, and helps students become basic skilled workers ready to learn more in the industry.”

Another facility tour took place on Wednesday, Oct. 25th for students from Stephenson High School. After the tour was finished, students learned about the various job opportunities available in manufacturing. Stewart Manufacturing employees who work in the information technology (IT), engineering, human resources, public relations, and manufacturing operations departments participated with students in a Q&A panel where students were able to ask employees about their job duties, education, and past work experiences.