MFG Day in Muskogee

In the video linked below we provide an overview of the activities we hosted as part of our week long celebration of MFG Day 17 in Muskogee, Oklahoma. We call this section of the video, MFG Day week in review.

The second section of the video and most important storytelling feature, contains our interviews of students who we took on plant tours of Georgia Pacific and Dal-Tile. These students attend a local alternative high school where opportunity is far from knocking on their door, as they're locally viewed as the next generation of outcasts of our community. Our MFG Day activities were specifically designed to remove the negative stigma with these kids and grant them a new outlook on opportunity through manufacturing. The two kids that we interviewed had some harrowing tales of their outlooks on their futures prior to taking the plant tours. It's quite the remarkable tale to hear the impact that the tours had on these kids and just how much their perspective on themselves and on mfg had changed. Our team, some of who walked similar paths in their youth, have been forever changed by this experience and are actively fighting the systems that isolate troubled youth through new manufacturing based mentors and internships.

Also within our "changing perspectives" section are two clips of a young woman, Heidi, who is an engineer at a local manufacturer, Advantage Controls. This empowering woman provides a class of pre-engineering students with invaluable insight on the alternative route to mfg careers without advanced education. Heidi also takes a question from a female student regarding opportunities for women in engineering and we'll just let the video give you an idea of just how impactful her response was to the female students.

Overall, we had a busy week honoring our industry, inspiring our youth and changing local perspectives, including locally elected officials, regarding the importance to manufacturing in our region. We look forward to MFG Day 18 and continuing the positive energy cultivated through our locally operated Dream It. Do It. group.