Spring 2017 Creative Biolabs Scholarship Program

Creative Biolabs

In an effort to further support their higher education on medical and science-related field, Creative Biolabs is proud to announce its first Spring Scholarship Program. We’ll award $1,000 to an outstanding college student in Spring 2017! Both undergraduate and graduate students majoring in a science related field, such as Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, and Molecular Biology, are encouraged to apply.

Field of Study:
  • Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Molecular Biology and other science related majors.
School Types:
  • 4 year college or university
Applicant's Citizenship Status:
  • All applicants welcome
Other Requirements:
  • Candidates must be enrolled as a freshman, undergraduate or graduate student at an accredited college or university. All eligible candidates must reach a cumulative average grade of a B (3.0 GPA).
Listing Updated: Aug 23, 2016