Webinar FAQs

1.   How does a host accommodate or encourage non-traditional students to attend events?

Manufacturing Day events at both manufacturing facilities and schools are great opportunities to expose non-traditional students to opportunities in manufacturing. A manufacturer can start by reaching out to the community and technical colleges and offer a tour for their career and non-credit students. Many of these people attend school in the evening and on weekends so it may be that you’d have to hold an event at one of those times in order to effectively accommodate this type of student.  The best way to reach an adult learner/non-traditional student audience is to revise your messaging to speak more to details around manufacturing careers. These individuals value information on required training, compensation levels, and opportunities for career growth. The reverse of this is for a college or trade school to reach out to a local manufacturer and ask for a tour or presentation specifically geared to their older, part-time or non-credit career oriented students. Connections to local employers who are hiring can be a strong incentive for non-traditional students to participate.

2.   As an educator host, should I target those enrolled in CTE classes or the general student population?

Both types of students will have great experiences on Manufacturing Day. Those students currently enrolled in CTE may better understand the Manufacturing Day activity they are participating in because of their previous academic experiences. However, you are able to broaden the number of students who are aware of your institution if you open the tours to the general student population.

3.   Is there a way to track the number of students participating in our Manufacturing Day event?

Eventbrite.com provides a no-cost approach for tracking registration for Manufacturing Day events. This is a helpful approach for a company hosting a public event.  Other Manufacturing Day event hosts simply use a sign-in sheet to track students and other attendees who participate. If you are working directly with a high school to orchestrate a field trip they will be able to provide a list of the students who have been approved to participate in the program. This can be the most direct and you can usually get such a list in advance from the school so that you can have name badges ready when the student arrive.

4.   What is the budget for a Manufacturing Day event?

There is no set budget for a Manufacturing Day event. Please check out the Host Toolkit at www.mfgday.com/resources to learn more on hosting an impactful event.

5.   What jobs can 16-18 year olds get to become exposed to Manufacturing.

Some manufacturers will offer part-time jobs to individuals 16-18 years old. If this is not feasible within your region, consider exposing these individuals to job shadowing opportunities or competitions like SkillsUSA or FIRST robotics. These types of activities simulate manufacturing skillsets and help expose young minds to the opportunities that exist in the industry.

6.   Do manufacturers shutdown for tours or keep operations running?

This will depend on your facility and your staff. It is often helpful to speak with your employees or the individual responsible for safety in your facility regarding this topic. Be sure to have a plan ahead of your Manufacturing Day event for the status of operations.

7.   What is the best way to get employers engaged?

Manufacturing Day has produced a number of great resources to support this very question. Check out www.mfgday.com/resources and find our Educator Toolkit, Community Planning Guide, and Employer Webinar to help with this question.

8.   If an Economic Development office wants to get involved, how would we get started?

The Community Planning Guide under  www.mfgday.com/resources is a great place to start for any community organization.

9.   When doing multiple registration at once, am I able to edit all of those registrations as well?

Yes, whether you enter your events on mfgday.com one at a time or use the multiple events spreadsheet and upload a group of events, you will be able to log into each event for editing as needed.

10. Are you hosting the video competition again?

Unfortunately, we are not hosting a video competition for Manufacturing Day 2015.

11. Is there a LinkedIn group for Manufacturing Day?

No, there is a LinkedIn Company page for MFG DAY which you can find here: https://www.linkedin.com/company/manufacturing-day

12. How many students should come through on tours?

This is entirely up to the host. Ahead of your event, a conversation with those who will be providing the tours should help you come to an accurate maximum number of attendees. We have reports of manufacturing facilities that have accommodated more than 1000 students during their open house program (over several days) and also the more average reports of 10 – 25 students.

13. Can colleges register their Manufacturing Day events through the mfgday.com website?

Absolutely! All hosts, whether employers, educators, or community organizations, are welcome to register their events.

14. Is there a theme for Manufacturing Day 2015?

There is no specific theme for Manufacturing Day. Just the promotion of the great contributions and opportunities that exist in modern manufacturing.

15. What is the date of Manufacturing Day 2015?

Officially Manufacturing Day is the first Friday in October each year. Manufacturing Day 2015 is October 2nd. Please remember though that every day can be Manufacturing Day and events can be hosted and registered year round.

16. Who is Manufacturing Day organized by?

Manufacturing Day has four co-producers and several guest producers. You can learn more about the co-producer organizations here:  http://www.mfgday.com/about-us

17. How can I successfully connect with students and schools for my event?

At  www.mfgday.com/resources, you will find our Host Toolkit which offers successful strategies for connecting and engaging local educators and students.

18. Can we link to Manufacturing Day resources or videos on our website?

Absolutely! Just be sure to cite Manufacturing Day and the mfgday.com website where applicable. And don’t forget that there is a selection of banner and button ads you can use on your website and in your e-newsletters to direct people to MFG DAY information. They are found at: http://www.mfgday.com/resources/banners.