Social Media Playbook

So you've registered your Manufacturing Day event and you want to let the world know about it; that's great! We've put together this social media playbook as a way to help our event hosts promote their events online. Whether you're opening your doors to the public at large, inviting a limited audience to tour your facility, or giving an elected official insights on how your shop operates -we've got your back. The first step toward connecting with the Manufacturing Day audience on social media, is to follow us!

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How Are You Using Social Media Currently?

First and foremost, you should consider your current social media involvement and skill level. Facebook and Twitter are the networks with the largest audiences. If you already have a company page or profile on these networks, all you need to do is connect with us and post consistently using the official hashtag #MFGday17. You can visit our official pages, "like" them as your business page, and remember to use @Manufacturing Day in Facebook posts so that our audience of almost 7,000 will be more likely to see your content.

When you are tweeting about your event, be sure to use @MfgDay to share your updates and information with the larger Manufacturing Day audience, and of course use the hashtag #MFGday17.

Here are some basic guidelines for promoting your event on social media. 

For Beginners

  • Use only Facebook & Twitter
  • Create a Facebook event
  • Link to your event's registration page
  • Tag Manufacturing Day in posts
  • Tweet/Post regularly using #MFGday17

For Intermediate Social Media Users

  • Also use LinkedIn
  • Post regular updates about your event
  • Create a group or showcase page

For Advanced Social Media Users

  • Also use Google+
  • Create a Google+ Event
  • Optimize your About section
  • Post regularly using #MFGday16

Is Your Event Public Or Private?

Whether or how much you promote your event on social media is going to depend on what type of event you are hosting. If it's a public event, social media promotions will be a huge help. Private or virtual events are a little more complicated, but there are still ways to leverage social media if you're willing to put in the time. If you are inviting a limited group of attendees to your facility and you'd rather not increase attendance, you can share you success on social media during and after the event. You can also share posts from the official Manufacturing Day social media pages to show your support. This shows your community, and the world, that you are actively supporting the movement to inspire the manufacturers of tomorrow.

Virtual events can be promoted on social media by sharing links to your registration page on any social network, along with some information about what to expect from your event. Short video previews or teasers about your event topics are especially helpful in getting attention from potential attendees.

Here Are Some Example Tweets To Get You Started

If you're new to social media, composing 140 character tweets to promote your event might seem intimidating. It's always a good idea to include a link to your registration page or a photo relevant to the message. Here are some examples you can cut and paste into Twitter or Facebook for your campaigns, feel free to change the dates or edit them as you see fit:

30 days or more before the event:
We are proud to be participating in #MFGday17 on October 6th - register for our event today: (your event link)
Register today for our #MFGday17 event, see what Manufacturing is all about!
We just registered our #MFGday17 event, can't wait to see all the students!

Within a month of your event:
We're excited about #MFGday17 in just a few weeks. Where will you be celebrating?
Only 2 days until #MFGday17 and we're preparing our presentation space for the big day!
Are you participating in #MFGday17? It's not too late to join us; check out for more info!

The day of your event:
We're opening doors and minds today for #MFGday17!
Here's our event space for today, we can't wait to show our guests what #MFGday17 is about! 
We are proud to welcome our congressional representative to today's #MFGday17 event!