So, you’ve decided to host a Manufacturing Day event. AWESOME! Now what? How will you captivate your audience? How will you inspire students and reach parents? How will YOU change the public’s view of manufacturing?

The National MFG Day team is proud to present the Rock MFG Day Kit: a package of multimedia resources that you can use at your MFG Day event.

From MFG DAY media partner, Edge Factor comes the all-new, FREE Rock MFG Day Kit! Created for hosts of registered MFG Day events, this Kit is a time-saving and turnkey package of cinematic media and interactive resources to promote and host an awesome MFG Day event! With these online resources, you can change perceptions of manufacturing, inspire students, spark conversations, connect to parents and provide meaningful feedback on the success of the event.

What does the Kit include?
It includes all sorts of resources from high impact video to a PowerPoint template, audience engagement tools, prize packs and even hands-on classroom projects. Watch the Rock MFG Day Kit tutorial video below to find out what is included in the Kit and how to use it at your event.

Register for your free Rock MFG Day Kit
You can choose to use some or all of the media and tools in this Kit to customize your MFG Day event.

Step One:

Step Two:

Promote your Event!
Social media is a great way to promote your event! Use the hashtags #RockMFGDay and #MFGDay16 to gain exposure.

Questions? Contact Edge Factor at:
Larissa Hofman
(716) 805-EDGE (3343)