Host Toolkit

The Manufacturing Day Host Toolkit is designed to help manufacturers plan successful MFG DAY events from start to finish. While specific to event hosts with manufacturing facilities, the Host Toolkit answers common questions and outlines steps that every MFG DAY host will find useful.

Topics covered in the Host Toolkit include:

Event Formats

The first step in the event planning process is to decide on what to show visitors and how to share it with them. The Host Toolkit covers some common options, including:

  • Facility Tour — the classic plant tour modified for MFG DAY audiences
  • Presentation — a live presentation, demonstration, or video followed by a question-and-answer session
  • Roundtable — an open discussion about a designated topic


One of the goals of Manufacturing Day is to give hosts a chance to show visitors what present-day manufacturing looks like. The Host Toolkit offers some suggestions for reaching out to the following audiences:

  • Friends & Family —invite the children, spouses, and other relations of company employees, as well as close friends
  • Politicians — connect directly with elected officials at the local, state, and national level.
  • Current and Prospective Customers and Suppliers — make business connections
  • Press — gain event and company publicity
  • Students — inspire the next generation of skilled workers

Tips for Success

The Host Toolkit also offers a number of suggestions for making events memorable, as well as reminders about the little things that can really make a difference. Some tips include:

  • Directions & Signage — make it easy for guests to get to the event
  • Scripting — create presentations and handouts for guests
  • Displays — determine what capabilities to demonstrate and how

The Host Toolkit also includes a useful checklist to help hosts keep track of their planning process, as well as links to templates for writing letters to community leaders and press contacts.