City of San Bernardino

Official Day

Signed September 20, 2017 by Mayor and City Council


WHEREAS, the City of San Bernardino joins cities across the nation
in recognizing October 6, 2017 as “Manufacturing Day”, a celebration of
modern manufacturing meant to inspire the next generation of
manufacturers; and
WHEREAS, this is the eighth month that the Purchasing Managers’
Index (PMI) has remained above the 50 percent benchmark, indicating that
the Inland Empire manufacturing sector and the overall local economy
remain comfortably in growth mode according to the Institute of Applied
Research at Cal State University, San Bernardino; and
WHEREAS, we are proud to say there are over 170 manufacturing
companies based in San Bernardino representing products anywhere from
animatronics to beverages. These manufacturers employ over 3,400
people and are growing. Manufacturing is a corner stone of our economy
in the City of San Bernardino and we commend and support this important
cause and the businesses and organizations involved; and
WHEREAS, we salute our local educational institutions and
industry organizations, for their continued efforts in developing a skilled
workforce for manufacturers across the region; and
WHEREAS, we celebrate all those who proudly stand behind our
goods and services made in America, and we renew our commitment to
winning the race for the jobs of tomorrow.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT PROCLAIMED, on behalf of the citizens
of San Bernardino, the Mayor and City Council do hereby declare
October 6, 2017 as


and encourage our citizens to visit a local manufacturer and join in
recognizing the value, diversity and important opportunities they provide
serving in our city, as a trailblazing model for others to follow.
DATED this 20th day of SEPTEMBER, 2017.