Skills Gap / Public Perception

First published in 2001 in partnership with Deloitte, The Manufacturing Institute's Skills Gap Report was a landmark study identifying the mismatch between the skills of available workers and skills that manufacturers demand. The 2005 and 2011 reports confirmed that gap and showed an increasing mismatch of skills. This misalignment of skills is a major reason that The Manufacturing Institute created the NAM-Endorsed Manufacturing Skills Certification System.

Now, the 2015 Skills Gap Report reinforces the talent challenge that U.S. manufacturers face and warns of even greater skilled worker shortages in the near future.

The Manufacturing Institute and Deloitte have partnered to produce the Public Perception Index that measures public opinion on a range of issues affecting manufacturing. First published in 2009, the Public Perception Index has found that the U.S. public greatly supports the manufacturing industry and would choose to have a manufacturing plant open in their region over other types of employers. However, the public is unwilling to encourage their children pursue careers in manufacturing and believes the government has not enacted policies supportive of the manufacturing sector.

Download the report highlights.