Atterbury Job Corps & Purdue MEP Partner in Manufacturing Training

Atterbury Job Corps is partnering with Purdue MEP to be a part of a “all hands on deck” effort to find and train the future workforce in the manufacturing sector. Atterbury Job Corps has seen the potential for students who are training in our Job Corps programs like Welding, Electrical, Heavy Equipment Operation, and Diesel Mechanic, to enhance our their skills, and also address the needs of Employers in our region by adding this Purdue MEP Manufacturing Training. We have partnered with Purdue and started a cohort of 15 students from various trade programs to go through the 10 Day Workshop to prepare our students for opportunities to find a career in manufacturing. Courses are led by facilitators who have extensive experience working in manufacturing. This training provides a: Purdue University Certificate of Learning, MSSC Certified Production Technician Quality Certificate, and an OSHA 10 certification. The program provides individuals with skills for an entry-level role, however, the hope is that these participants will use this opportunity to pursue a manufacturing career and further advance their skills after a period of successful employment.
Atterbury Job Corps is a program that provides Vocational Technical Certifications to assist our students in finding employment and a solid long-term career. The Purdue MEP program certifications are tools in a students tool box of skills, to assist them in finding employment opportunities or to pursue Higher Education. When this opportunity to work with Purdue materialized, we jumped at the chance because we know more certifications and skills in the students tool box of experience equals a greater chance of future success!
We are looking forward to continued collaboration with Purdue MEP in manufacturing successful futures for our Job Corps students. Additional details on the 10 Day Skills for Success Manufacturing Training Bootcamp can be found on the Purdue MEP website.

The Purdue Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) has taken this opportunity to develop a training program that provides individuals with a foundation of manufacturing knowledge in a boot camp style 10-day course. The contents of the course include the vital skills that are lacking in the potential workforce. Problem solving, critical thinking, basic math, and soft skills are all covered in the Skills for Success curriculum. Furthermore, the math courses taught are specific to a manufacturing environment—blueprint reading, measurement for manufacturing, and basic shop math.