Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence at The Ohio State University

The Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence (CDME) is the manufacturing port of entry into Ohio State. CDME is to be The Ohio State University's preeminent leader in innovative applied research for product design, technology commercialization, and manufacturing for industry. The center’s ability to move at the speed of industry while continuing to innovate eases the communication between both industry and the university experts to execute project management plans. The center is staffed with diverse professionals ranging from former business leaders and entrepreneurs to practicing engineers. Wherever possible, the center will utilize existing equipment to support industry and university research community with market validation, design feasibility, commercialization, manufacturing scale and workforce development programs. CDME was developed to meet the translational research needs of the university’s external partners. The center was funded initially via a $6.8M federal grant and by the College of Engineering to ensure that university innovation provides a more direct impact on the commercial manufacturing industry.