Superior Aluminum Products

On National Manufacturing Day three manufacturers in Russia, Ohio hosted over 40 local high school students in their manufacturing facilities. Superior Aluminum Products, an industry leader in aluminum railings, columns, and fence, Francis Manufacturing, an aluminum casting foundry, and O'Reilly Machine Tool Services, a local tooling shop, all took part in the festivities. The students started their day at school with a presentation by the management teams of these facilities. The presentations included details about the manufacturing trade, jobs available, manufacturing opportunities and more. The school portion of the event ended with videos about manufacturing, then the students were split into three groups and sent to the participating facilities. Upon arriving at the participating locations, the students, upon securing the necessary safety equipment, were given a first hand look at all of the manufacturing functions they had just learned about. In the offices they were shown the opportunities in sales, administration, marketing, and engineering. While out on the shop floor they were shown welding, assembly, machining, shipping, and more. Through first hand experience the students were able to realize that manufacturing goes far beyond the often portrayed image of standing on an assembly line, or mundane repetitive tasks. The students were excited to see that manufacturing jobs are dynamic, involve quick thinking, and developing skills. After touring the facilities, the local students had a better understanding of what happens inside the buildings they have seen so many times. They were able to leave with a far better grasp of all the roles, skills, and people involved in running a successful manufacturing organization, shattering any misconceptions they entered with. As far as success goes, the day can certainly be clarified as one especially when considering one final "event" that occurred during the activities. As the students were departing, one student was overheard telling another: "I think when I graduate, I want to train to be a welder," a success indeed!