Micro-Nano Manufacturing Day - Albuquerque, NM

Images courtesy of company hosts: HTMicro and 3D Glass Solutions, 2014.

HT Micro is a leading manufacturer of ultra miniature switches, sensors, and precision components serving both the commercial and military markets. Started in 2003 as a prototype operation, the Company has grown into a leader of manufacturing packaged devices and precision mechanisms. In 2013 HT built a state of the art high volume, production manufacturing fab that specializes in metal based devices.

HT’s technology platform integrates traditional integrated circuit and precision machining processes into a micro fabricated manufacturing methodology called high aspect ratio manufacturing (HARM). The manufacturing process employs unique materials and molding approaches to design structures which transform traditional electronic products. Devices are produced on wafers with parallel (batch) processing, which ensures high volume and quality. The applications for HT’s products range from medical devices, munition fuzing applications, and mobile technology infrastructure. HT’s processes provide the ability to maintain tolerances at small dimensions with engineered materials that are reliable in extreme environments.

HT’s core product offering consists of inertial and magnetic switches and precision connectors. Each of HT’s products has revolutionized existing devices by reducing their form factor by at least 10 times. All products are batch microfabricated using metal instead of semiconductor materials.

3D Glass Solutions (3DGS) provides customers a one-stop shop for the design, prototyping and production of next-generation glass micro-devices, circuits and other customer-driven designs. The unique capabilities of our proprietary photo-structurable APEX® Glass enables our customers to create truly differential products, giving them a technological and competitive edge in markets as diverse as IC packaging, telecommunications and aerospace.

With the ability to scale from single unit quantities to millions of parts, 3DGS provides a full spectrum of services to accommodate customers at any step along their product development roadmap. In addition to 3D glass processing, we offer advanced processing capabilities like photolithography, thin film deposition, metal-filled through glass vias, multi-level devices, dielectrics for passivation, and other value added processes performed in a Class 10 cleanroom environment.

3D Glass Solutions customers use APEX® Glass for through glass vias, 2.5D and 3D IC Packaging, Radio Frequency (RF) Devices, Fiber-optic alignment, Wave-guides, Shadow Masks, Micro-filters, Ink Jet Printheads, Microfluidic Devices, and Sacrificial Carrier Wafers. APEX® Glass is not like traditional glasses. This "photo-structurable glass" combines simple processing with batch manufacturing to provide a low-cost, high-volume production solution.