Korona Candles Opens Doors to Public during National Manufacturing Day

KORONA Candles INC was pleased to open publicly for the 1st time during National Manufacturing Day 2016. The Korona open house featured a mini-job fair, short tours of the quality-control lab and a birds-eye view of the manufacturing floor. The goal for the MFGDAY event was to showcase Korona's manufacturing expertise and the automated production machinery used to produce 2.5 Million candles a day in Dublin, VA. This year marked the 5th year of support for National Manufacturing Day in the US --- and the 2nd year for support in the Dublin/Pulaski area. While the first Friday in October is recognized as National Manufacturing day, the entire month of October is also deemed National Manufacturing Month, and embraces the MADE in the USA initiative. For Korona, the MFGDAY event proved successful attracting "just curious" elder members of the community; "future workforce" students from Pulaski High School Tech-Ed; and "genuine interest" from job applicants seeking opportunity at the factory. MFGDay also was a great time to internally recognize Korona employees for all they do to support the company. Custom shirts, lemonade/coffee and cookie breaks and "Proud to Say, Made-in-the-USA" signs greeted every entrance of the building. Korona Candles is proud to be among the 2,600 events around the USA and one of 22 events in Virginia supporting National Manufacturing Day. Planning for the 2017 event is already underway. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_-YKG8ha9U