Innovative Automation Inc. Hosts Canton High School STEM Students

For our 2017 MFG DAY EVENT we hosted a fabulous group of High School Student from Canton Michigan who are interested in manufacturing and building their STEM skill set. Their instructors were thrilled that these student had a chance to experience what is involved in engineering, designing and building custom manufacturing automation machinery. This gave the student a deeper appreciation of the technology and STEM skill set that goes into making equipment that is driving the resurgence in U.S. manufacturing quality and cost competitiveness. Seeing the Hi-Tech components, remote and mobile connectivity, and programming required in today's manufacturing equipment definitely raised a few eyebrows, and provided a nice complement to the part production supplier that the student visited earlier that morning. Our tour started by highlighting statistics on the impressive resurgence in the U.S. manufacturing market, how manufacturing is facilitating expansion in global trade and how all that translates into exciting career opportunities of all types and all skill levels in manufacturing, but particularly for those with a STEM background. We then took them through the quick version of our process to concept, engineer, design, and build manufacturing solutions in the form of custom manufacturing equipment to meet our customer's specific processing requirements. It was a great pleasure for our staff to host and interact with these students, and we can only hope we have inspired them to take a close and serious look at the opportunities and accomplishment they can achieve with a career in manufacturing.