Storage and Processors Event

Event Details

Facility Tour

October 5, 2017 9:00am - 1:30pm

Invitation-Only Event

Houston, TX 77029

Closed Event - Southwest Schools only - expecting 388 students to tour and meet. Advanced prep event to be held at Southwest Schools on Thursday September 21st.
Students will learn about slitting and cut-to-length operations but more important the emphasis on Safety and the proper wearing of PPE.

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Rick Hargrove

About Storage and Processors

Storage & Processors, was formed in 1979 as a pure toll processor. In 1985 the company added Storage & Processors Trucking and became the only company in the south that handled direct discharge, cut-to-length, terminal, rail, local, and over the road trucking and over the next 29 years became the go to processing partner in the Port of Houston. Since the beginning,Storage & Processors has listened to customers’ needs and focused on providing the necessary processing capabilities to fill those needs. Storage & Processors partnered with SPS Metallurgical Laboratories, LLC to bring physical steel testing as an in-house offering to our customers. With our Herr-Voss Heavy Gauge Line and our Herr-Voss Light Line, along with our Wean Slitter & Cluster leveler, all strategically located on 22 acres inside the Port of Houston, Storage & Processors has directed its focus on being the go to provider of cut-to-length, cluster leveling, slitting, handling, service and storage.