Ashley Ward Inc. Event

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Facility Tour / Presentation

October 6, 2017 8:00am

7490 Easy St
Mason, OH 45040

Ashley Ward Inc. is eager to open our doors, once again, to showcase what modern manufacturing is all about! Through our presentations, facility tour, and hands on experiences, we look to provide a small sample of how a machine shop operates on a daily basis. Students will have the ability to have impact discussions with machinists and engineers, as well as learning about all the opportunities manufacturing provides. We will also provide lunch for visitors after the conclusion of our event! We hope to see you at our facility for another successful manufacturing day.

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About Ashley Ward Inc.

Defined as a leader in the screw machine industry, clients seek out our expertise, equipment, and resources to get the big jobs done. Since 1908, Ashley Ward has grown to be one of the largest machine shops in the United States with multiple locations and a global reach. The Ward family and a group of over 200 dedicated employees continue to provide customers, like you, with expert solutions that exceed expectations. Ashley Ward has produced thousands of part numbers for a variety of end use applications in diverse industries such as: appliance, lawn & garden, defense, hydraulic valve, cable connector, and automotive. We've also partnered with various Fortune 500 companies as a viable and profitable outsourcing option for machining needs. Allowing us to integrate your machining needs into our facilities can solve the hassles of having your own onsite machine shop.