Advocations: "Not" "Able" to Notable Event

Event Details

Job Fair / Presentation

October 6, 2017 1:00pm

310 Arlington Ave
Charlotte, NC 28203

Are you "not able" to find skilled workers for your manufacturing jobs? Or are you looking for employment, but are "not able" to find the right opportunity? Throughout the month of October, we will offer skill building events and pro-bono consulting, to help close the gap for employers and talent in our community. Want to learn more? Contact Us. Want to join us? Host a skill building event. Together, we can transform "not" "able" into Notable.

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Ashley Jackson

About Advocations: "Not" "Able" to Notable

Founded in 2009, Advocations is one of the first disability-staffing companies. In an industry where the average turnover is 383%, our turnover is less than 10% annually because we focus on matching the right person with the right job. To us, staffing is a trojan horse to help people get jobs that were once out of reach. In 2015, Advocations strategically narrowed our focus to neurodiversity (autism, adhd, dyslexia, etc) and expanded our consulting services for our enterprise customers. Today, Advocations has several fortune 500 customers and has sourced thousands of people with disabilities nationwide. Advocations plans to scale their efforts to transform “not” “able” into notable with technology. Notable™ is a game changing, cloud-based platform enables companies and people with barriers to employment to connect and learn from each other. Notable is currently in beta testing with companies in the Charlotte area.