A. O. Smith Corporation, Protective Coatings Division Event

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Facility Tour / Presentation

October 18, 2017 9:00am - 3:00pm

8160 Holton Dr
Florence, KY 41042

A. O. Smith makes mostly porcelain enamel at this location which is used for many things such as the lining of water heaters, sinks, bathtubs and even grills, as well as some other misc. products. This is a hot furnace environment so for safety everyone should wear enclosed shoes, no sandals. Protective eyewear and ear plugs will be provided.

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Cyndi Boehmer

About A. O. Smith Corporation, Protective Coatings Division

In the late 1920s, A.O. Smith recognized a growing need to develop a method to protect steel products such as oil field pipe, pressure vessels, and storage tanks from the destructive effects of corrosion. A creative group of engineers and research chemists took on the challenge and within a short time, developed the process we still use today, fusing glass to steel. A. O. Smith began to use this innovative process for many of its manufactured products. Soon the acid and hot water corrosion resistant qualities of this product gained national recognition. As a result, the Protective Coatings Division of A. O. Smith was founded and is now a major producer of frit used in glass linings for water heater tanks. In 1984, the division moved to new quarters designed especially for the development and production of coatings. The facility, located in Florence, Kentucky, features manufacturing equipment designed specifically for this process.