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Facility Tour / Presentation

October 13, 2017 12:00pm

Invitation-Only Event

2216 W State St
Olean, NY 14760

Here at 360Rize we specialize in the design,and manufacture of multi camera systems that are used to capture fully spherical 360 picture and video. The viewing of this type of content has dramatically risen in the last couple of years, and the platforms to view it have become more and more user friendly. We have invented and strive to continue development of systems to accommodate many different cameras for many different scenarios. This includes underwater content capture as well! Our motto here at 360Rize is "Life Without Edges®" and we firmly believe that everyone should be able to experience life without limitations and witness some of the greatest places and activities beyond their wildest dreams! We have made this possible as content is captured by the worlds finest 360 video producers that have used our products in their journeys! We love to tell our story starting from when the idea came to our CEO and Creator Michael Kintner. This event will include the presentation of the development of this idea/product throughout the years, our best bloopers, and we will actually share footage taken by a couple of our different camera systems. This experience puts one in different scenarios such as walking with elephants in Africa, Driving a dragster against another opponent, or just visiting a far away iconic place that you thought you would only dream of seeing up close! As this new technology continues to grow, it is being used for many different purposes such as real estate tours, training purposes for other companies, educational pieces, evacuation plans for large companies, and the list keeps growing! We would like to show the youth that are invited to our company the possibilities behind becoming a driven entrepreneur or the excitement of being part of the fast paced tech world.

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Tiffany McClory Pfeiffer

About 360Rize

Founded in 2012 by Michael Kintner an inventor, engineer and entrepreneur, 360RIZE is a 360 video and videography company creating 360 video holders using a wide range of camera arrays arranged into multiple spherical array configurations. Our business goal and model is all around education and training in helping 360 photographers and videographers in the world of panoramic and multi-array technology. Since opening our store in June 2013, we have sold over 10,000 holders in more than 80 different countries. Our technology was created from the need to create light weight, portable 360 video and photo solutions.