Headframe Spirits Event

Note: This is an archived event from 2016. Looking for this year's events?

Event Details

Facility Tour

October 5, 2016 1:00pm

Invitation-Only Event

21 S Montana St
Butte, MT 59701

Facility tour for MMEC's Compete Smart attendees

For More Event Information
Courtney McKee
(406) 299-2886

About Headframe Spirits

We believe in community. We believe in our ability to make great things happen together. We believe in raising a glass and celebrating our shared achievements. Headframe Spirits Manufacturing builds the equipment that elevates spirits production, because we should all be able to focus more attention on celebrating our accomplishments, not struggling to reach them. Our stills are precision-focused; the CF-1000 is a single pass solution for producing spirits up to 95% ABV. The CF-1000 recovers 25% more alcohol, requires 50% less time, and recovers 3 times more alcohol per hour than a traditional pot still, making it far more efficient and cost-effective. With a standard height of 18 feet, the CF-1000 can be further customized to fit almost any location. And with the standard 6-month lead time, the CF-1000 will be ready when you are.