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October 7, 2016 6:00pm

In April 2016, the Saudi Government unveiled its multi-billion dollar 'Saudi 2030' Economic Plan. The Saudi Government has already begun to fund this plan and is looking to purchase US Manufactured products and services. Key areas include Sustainable Agriculture, especially Vertical Hydroponic Systems in Controlled Environments, and also Aquaponic Systems in coastal regions , as well as in Controlled Environments where the fish waste is circulated in a 'closed loop' system back into the hydroponic water stream. Of course, titrated, micro-nutrients are injected into the water stream also to make up certain deficiencies of the fish waste.

The key to participation in obtaining these funds, is to have a strong export program and a reliable Saudi partner. Currently, there are 5.7 million small-to-medium sized businesses in the United States. Only 30% are exporting. And, the majority of these companies are exporting to only one country.

The Export Intelligence Agency LLC is highly trained by the USDOC International Trade Administration in the areas of exporting, export financing, working with the Commercial Sections of the U.S. Embassies throughout the world, and we will give your company the consistent attention that it deserves to establish and grow an exporting program. Within two years, you should be able to justify the cost of an in-house export department as exporting typically adds 20%-to-40% to the bottom line

Our presentation is a self-paced, 4.5 hour educational program that serves as a great introduction to exporting. We especially emphasize working closely with the USDOC International Trade Administration, the Small Business Administration, and the USEAC's [U.S. Export Assistance Centers] through their REGIONAL offices. When we, the Export Intelligence Agency are successful in working with you and training your key personnel in all matters pertaining to exporting, we will have worked ourselves out of a job and will turn the entire program over to you. This is the true Patriotic Spirit in Action--Building a Stronger America so that Everyone Benefits.

There is Global Competition for the billions of dollars being dispersed by the Saudi Government. US manufacturers should receive a share of the billion dollar Saudi2030 program underway now!

Start today by attending the training webinar at: http://tinyurl.com/SAUDIAG2016 AND then call us for a no-obligation consultation. We will demonstrate in clear, cost-efficient examples why it is MUCH more economical to hire an export consultant for the first 1-2 years of beginning an exporting program, rather than immediately hiring and supporting a full time person who is unfamiliar with exporting.


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Richard Yanni, Director

About Export Intelligence Agency LLC

Exporting is a National Strategic Issue. Small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs) that are ready, willing and able to enter Global Export markets, should consider it part of their Patriotic Duty to begin, or expand and exporting program. Within one-to-two years of launching an exporting program, most SMBs are realizing a 20%-to-40% contribution to their bottom line. EIA considers it our Patriotic and Civic Duties to help America strengthen its economic base through exporting. And. With 95% of the consumer middle class now living outside the USA, people around the world want high quality American goods and services. The USA leads the world in innovation, and we can once again lead the world in modern, state-of-the-art manufacturing that brings jobs back on-shore and strengthens local communities.