How Friends of Manufacturing Works on Behalf of Manufacturers

Friends of Manufacturing
Friends of Manufacturing (FOM), a Manufacturing Day 2017 Bronze Sponsor, believes that manufacturing is the engine that drives the American economy.

To help protect this vital role that manufacturing plays in communities across the United States, FOM, a program of the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), encourages the general public to support polices that will make it easier for manufacturers to grow and succeed by connecting individuals across the United States with their members of Congress. FOM engages individuals through petitions and opportunities to call, email, or post on social media to Congress in support or opposition of specific issues affecting manufacturers’ well being.

By taking part in these advocacy activities, manufacturing supporters can help make manufacturing in America as strong as it can be. Below are five of the policy issues that matter most to FOM with links to the organization’s respective petitions.


American manufacturers need an energy strategy that provides adequate, secure, and affordable power so they can compete and succeed on a global level.

The clearest path to achieving this is an “all of the above” approach to energy generation, contends Friends of Manufacturing, which encompasses everything from fossil fuels to renewables to promoting increased energy efficiency.

If you agree that American economic growth requires a diverse energy portfolio that includes the responsible development of oil, natural gas, coal, nuclear, and renewables, check out the FOM petition to tell Congress and the White House that they need to support an “all of the above” approach to our country’s energy policy.


Manufacturers depend on roads, highways, and rail to transport products to customers in the United States and abroad. But as anyone who takes a close look at the state of the U.S. infrastructure will see, it’s quickly deteriorating.

Friends of Manufacturing wants to make 2017 the year that the U.S. makes the investment to modernize our infrastructure, creating lots of good, high-paying jobs in the process and ensuring that manufacturers can move goods to market efficiently.

If you agree that it’s time to begin the process of strengthening our infrastructure for generations to come, sign the FOM “Building to Win” petition.


Regulations are necessary to keep workplaces and employees safe, protect consumers, ensure a level playing field for all businesses, and preserve the environment. But in recent memory, contends Friends of Manufacturing, the federal government has taken regulations too far.

FOM wants to reduce overzealous regulations and bring them more in line with the views of local communities.

If you agree, sign the petition to remove unnecessary regulatory burdens that present barriers to manufacturing’s economic growth.


Many of the products made by U.S. manufacturers are consumed abroad as over 95 percent of the world’s consumers live outside of the United States. If American products are going to be competitively priced in international markets, the U.S. needs fair trade agreements with other countries that will open doors, allowing manufacturers to sell their goods in those territories.

Right now, we need some new agreements with certain countries, as well as better enforcement of existing ones, says Friends of Manufacturing.

If revising America’s fair trade policy is also important to you, consider signing the FOM fair trade petition.

Tax Reform

Reasonable tax policies allow manufacturers to invest in their employees and local communities through job creation, career advancement, and company expansion and growth.

Today, though, high tax rates, a number of temporary tax provisions, and out-of-date international rules have made it difficult for manufacturers to invest and grow their companies, says Friends of Manufacturing.

To help pass tax reform that will bolster the economic power of manufacturing, take a look at the FOM tax code reform petition.

Friends of Manufacturing + MFG DAY

Friends of Manufacturing is tackling a host of issues that affect U.S. manufacturers by trying to affect public policy on various fronts. All are noble causes but where FOM and MFG DAY naturally intersect is around workforce development and the fundamental faith that it’s possible for manufacturers to come together to create positive change.

On the subject of workforce, FOM has to say: "Manufacturers in the U.S. need a strong workforce of high-quality and highly skilled individuals to compete and succeed globally, and American workers need the right skills to find good paying jobs and to advance in the workplace."

We couldn’t agree more. That’s one of the reasons we produce MFG DAY every year: To help build the strong manufacturing workforce of tomorrow and to introduce individuals to the well-paying, fulfilling manufacturing careers available today.

So if you’re a manufacturer who wants to build your workforce and help your community, consider hosting an MFG DAY event!