How to Start Planning Your Manufacturing Day Event

How to Start Planning MFG DAY Event
Here are 5 tips to help guide you through the process of planning your MFG DAY event and registering it with
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Women and the Manufacturing Skills Gap

women in manufacturing
Women make up only 29% of the manufacturing workforce. Addressing this gender gap could also be a strategy for tackling the impending skills gap.
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Manufacturing Day and Metal Fabrication

MFG DAY Welding Instruction
MFG DAY has consistently features many events involving metal fabricators where attendees can learn about careers in metal fabrication.
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Why You Should Register Your Manufacturing Day Event

Registering an MFG DAY Event

Registering your event gets you access to additional host resources, gains visibility for your organization, and helps MFG DAY fulfill its mission.

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How Friends of Manufacturing Works on Behalf of Manufacturers

Friends of Manufacturing
Friends of Manufacturing (FOM) fosters support for polices that will make it easier for manufacturers to grow and succeed.
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A Future for Veterans in Manufacturing

Many veterans of the armed forces have developed skills in the service that extend way beyond their military careers — and that make them great potential manufacturers. 
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Student Videos That Celebrate MFG DAY

Last year, Macomb County in southern Michigan sponsored a student video contest as part of its annual MFG DAY ce
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MFG DAY’s Effects on the Public Perception of Manufacturing

MFG DAY Public Perception
Last year, an estimated 225,000 students had their attitudes toward manufacturing improved thanks to MFG DAY events.
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Advanced Manufacturing Requires Advanced Workforce Solutions

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Remember When Everyone Got Their News From The Radio?

Over the coming week Manufacturing Day news will be spread to potential event attendees on radio shows across the country. Ed Youdell, president and CEO of FMA, one of the founding co-producers of the national celebration, will be interviewed about MFG DAY, with the goal of providing a glimpse into some of the activities that will be available in the most active cities in America.
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